About Us

Muddy Trail Outfitters

was started by two ol' boys from Arkansas with a love for huntin', fishin' and gettin' muddy.  We grew up ridin' big wheels and bicycles and eventually moved on to motorcycles and 3-wheelers (I miss those things).  Now that we are all growed up (hehehe), we stick to 4-wheelers and side by sides.  (sure does make totting deer corn easier)


We love to pimp out our rigs and definitely like to get them muddy.  Everything that you see on our site, we use ourselves.   We know the value of a dime and working for what you've got, so we dont sell junk and we try to price it fair.  We also offer specials every chance we get to pass on our savings to our customers.  The items we sell are quality made and most everything is made right here in the good ol' USA!  If something that you are looking for is not here drop us a line (info@muddytrailoutfitters.com) or check back often because we are adding more items and brands.


Also check back to take a look at pictures and posts from rides or pictures of peoples rigs that have been tricked out.


Thank you,

Muddy Trail Outfitters